Mission of St. Cecilia Rainbow Ministry:

Mission of St. Cecilia Rainbow Ministry:

St. Cecilia Church welcomes lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) Catholics to worship God and to speak openly and safely, and to embrace Jesus’ call to unconditional love. We help LGBT Catholics seek reconciliation with the Church to enrich a spirit-filled life.

A Vision for St. Cecilia Rainbow Ministry:

St. Cecilia Church is a vibrant Catholic community, focused on God’s call for all people to worship, live, and love as one. The St. Cecilia community has established itself as an important voice in the Greater Boston area movement to welcome people who feel marginalized within the Catholic Church.

This Catholic worship community weaves together Catholics with varying life backgrounds in order to create inclusive worship experiences.

The pastor, pastoral staff, and parishioners explore and discuss how God loves all people. Every member of the community strives to contribute their gifts from the Spirit to all people within and outside of this Catholic community.

Values of St. Cecilia Rainbow Ministry:

We promote justice and equality for all people.

We comfort all people.

We respect all people.

We include all people.

We do not judge people.